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Pucca’s Restaurant FAQ

Q. How can I listen to my own music?
A. Go to setting and turn off the Background Music option.

Q. My item disappeared into the box. Where did they land up?
A. The yellow box represents the inventory where items are stored. Items inside your inventory is represented by a number on the top left-hand corner. To use inventory items, select and drag the item to your restaurant.

Q. How can I make friends?
A. You can either login to your Facebook and/or Game Center account to find friends playing Pucca’s Restaurant.

Q. My Facebook and/or Game Center friends don’t appear in Pucca’s Restaurant!
A. Not all your Facebook and/or Game Center friends will appear. Only those playing Pucca’s Restaurant will be shown. Please be aware that there’s a slight delay after logging into your account for the first time.

Q. I’m getting the Time Travel popup box. How can I get rid of it?
A. Please contact us with your Mob+ ID, chef/restaurant name at as your account may in review.

Q. I cannot begin the Task with Friends feature. How can I begin?
A. You must complete all the steps of Pucca’s Guide (red button on top left corner).

Q. In the Pucca’s Guide, it tells me to move the table. I have tried moving tables, but it still asks me to move the table. What can I do?
A. You must move the exact table as instructed. Go to the shop and place the “Basic Table” then move it.

Q. How can I get a refund?
A. Developers cannot refund customers. You must contact Apple’s support team directly. Please visit their website in your country and inquire through Apple.

Q. I have purchased backgrounds and/or the remove ads in-app purchase. However, it is asking me to make another purchase. Will I be double charged?
A. No, backgrounds and the remove ads in-app purchase items are non-consumable items. You will not be charged again if you have previously made a purchase.

Q: The Sell and Inventory function gets in the way whenever I try to move items.
A: Pressing the EDIT button again will deactivate Sell and Inventory function.

Q: How does the Star(Gourmet Point) system work?
A: Gourmet Points are given to players who had purchased items, cooked food, sold items, and/or visited friends’ restaurant. The points are then used for determining the overall ranking.

Q: I’ve lost Garu points after pressing Restore button. What should I do?
A: Garu points and/or items used may be different from the point of retrieval as the server automatically saves your progress in a timely manner.

Q: How can I register on Mob+?
A: Mob+ registration is necessary for us to retrieve your data.
On the main page from Pucca’s Restaurant, click on Mob+ logo and it will direct you to the registration page where you can input your login info. NOTE: Mob+ ID cannot be modified after completing the registration

Q: I cannot log in with my login info.
A: If you failed to login after few attempts, follow this step to retrieve your info: Click Mob+ logo > Forgot PSWD? > Input your email > Check your email box to find the temporary password.
NOTE: The email address must be the same with the one used for registration. If you forgot your email address, please contact us at

Q: I forgot my Mob+ password.
A: Retrieve your password by using “Forgot PSWD” and a temporary password will be sent to your email. You can change the password as soon as you login.

Q: My game progress doesn’t look the same on a different device.
A: Press the V button in the Profile page to optimize your progress on our server. It will take a little more time than usual if you are trying for the first time. Please check if Gamecenter and Facebook is connected as well.

Q: How can I unregister from Mob+?
A: Please email us with your Mob+ ID, chef/restaurant name, user level, and the reason for unregistration at to get your information removed from our server.

Q. How can I transfer the game’s data onto another device?
A. Your game progress will be saved to our server once you are registered to Mob+. You can use the ID and password to log in to your game from any device.

Q: What is Job?
A: You will be assigned with Jobs for each promotion of 5 levels. Experience, Gold, and Garu points are given upon each Job completion.

Q: I have no idea what Job list does.
A: Click on each Job for details

Q: My Job list looks different from my friend’s.
A: All completed Job list will disappear.

Q: I completed all level 5 Jobs but it won’t let me move on to level 10 Jobs.
A: You must click FINISH button after completing to receive the rewards and a new Job will appear once all Jobs are completed.

Q: I have more question. Who should I contact?
A: Please visit our official Facebook page at and leave a comment or ask us through Twitter at or email us at Please include the type of device, Mob+ ID and chef/restaurant name for faster service.

Thank you for playing Pucca’s Restaurant


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